Veolia Environnement

Veolia is a large French-owned multinational which runs water, waste, energy and transport services. It is the successor to Vivendi and Generale des Eaux. It was created in 2000 by a spinoff of the environmental services functions of Vivendi, effectively recreating a group similar to the original Generale des Eaux.

Along with Suez, it is one of the two multinationals which dominates the private market for water and waste management services in France, Europe and the world.

The French state owns over 10% of Veolia, and in 2010 Veolia restructured its transport and military services sections as joint ventures with companies owned by the French state.

Year end Currency Employee cost Number of employees Profit Profit per employee ROCE (percent) Revenue (in millions) Revenue in euros (millions) Revenue per employee
2010-12-31 EUR 38 287043 581 4 6.66% 34794 34794 121
2009-12-31 EUR 37 291000 584 4 6.62% 34564 34564 119

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