Tata Power Company Limited

Part of the Tata conglomerate, TPCL is one of the countrys largest private power utilities. TPCL comprises three companies, Tata Power Co. Ltd., Andhra Valley Power Supply Co. Ltd., and Tata Hydro-Electric Power Supply Co. Ltd.

TPCL has interests in India's first 500 MW unit at its Trombay thermal generating station amd in Maharashtra and its capital, Mumbai.

Areas of business
TPCLs main line of business is the generation, transmission and distribution of power. TPCL supplies 52 per cent of its total generating capacity installed to the private sector as a licensee in India, with about 16 per cent going to Maharashtra.

The hydro-generation plants are in Khopoli, Bhivpuri and Bhira, and the thermal power plants are located in Trombay in Maharashtra, Jojobera in Bihar, and Nadi and Belgaum in Karnataka. The pumped storage unit is also in Bhira.

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