Sodexo (former spelling: Sodexho) is a French multinational company that provides a range of services, mainly catering, but also cleaning, housekeeping, building maintenance, prisons,  leisure services, and payment systems. In 2009 it operated in 80 countries, with 380,000 employees and sales of €14.7 billion Euros, and claims to be the 21st largest employer in the world.  Over half of its business is with the public sector: 23% in education, 20% in healthcare,  11% in other public services, including elderly care, prisons and military.

It has frequently been in dispute with unions in many countrties around the world over human rights violations and anti-union behaviour, and criticised for the cost and quality of its services. In 2010 it was the subject of a formal complaint to the OECD for infringement of its guidelines on multinational companies, and it  was also struck off the FTSE4Good index of socially responsible companies for no longer meeting the human rights standards of the index.

Year end Currency Employee cost Number of employees Profit Profit per employee ROCE (percent) Revenue (in millions) Revenue in euros (millions) Revenue per employee
2010-08-31 EUR 379137 409 2 14.00% 15268 15268 40
2009-08-31 EUR 379749 393 2 15.49% 14686 14686 39