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Generale de Sante
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Generale de Sante

96, avenue d’Iéna
75783 Paris Cedex 16

Tel: +33 (0) 1 53 14 99




Total employees: 21,500 employees and 5,500 medical practitioners 


1.1.1       Major European subsidiaries







Compagnie Generale de Sante



96, avenue d’Iéna
75783 Paris Cedex 16 Tel: +33 (0) 1 53 14 99


Ospedale de Omegna









1.1.2       Company activities and strategy

Generale de Sante is a leading private healthcare company in France with 10% of the market.  The company’s aim is to be “a key player in the private hospital sector in France”.


Generale de Sante provides surgical, medical and obstetric services, mental health and rehabilitation services. It works in partnership with the public hospital sector.  This involves the creation of cooperative structures, Public Health Cooperation Associations, dividing their activities between a hospital and a clinic located on the same premises, notably in Gassin (Var), Dunkirk (Nord), and Avicenne (Ile-de-France).


Until June 2003, Cinven has held 44% of the shares of Sante Luxembourg  (Vivendi Universal 20% and ABN AMRO and Capital France), which held 38% of General de Sante shares.  There was an agreement at the  flotation in 2000, that Sante Luxembourg would hold shares for three years.  In June 2003, Sante Luxembourg shares were sold to Sante Holdings, an Italian holding company owned by Antonino Legresti.  Sante Holdings is backed by Efibanca, an Italian regional bank.  Sante expects to sell 8% its share capital to Eficanca.  The balance of Sante Luxembourg’s shares (6.5%) will be placed with French and UK investors with no one investor acquiring more than 1.75% shares.


Sante Holdings is chaired by Antonino Ligresti, a cardiologist and healthcare entrepreneur who was acquitted in 1997, for a fire in a ”iperbarica”  (high compression)  chamber of a clinic in Milan, which caused the deaths of 11 people.  A Supreme Court ruling in 2003 annulled his acquittal.


In July 2007, Sante Developpement Europe SAS,  owned by Antonio Ligresti, acquired 79.84% of the share capital and voting rights of Generale de Sante.  This was achieved through De Agostini SpA unit DEA Capital SpA buying Sante SA (Sante Luxembourg).  The ownership structure of Sante SA (Sante Luxembourg) is now:

  • Sante Holdings Srl (owned by Antonio Ligresti) 49%
  • DeA Capital Investment 43%
  • Mediobanca 9.99%

Sante Luxembourg and Sante Developpement Europe SAS now control 80% of Generale de Sante shares.[i]


Since 2008, the company has been consolidating its French activities and by 2010, Generale de Sante had  completed the sale of its Italian subsidiaries. Its only remaining interest in Italy is a joint public-private partnership at the Omegna Hospital.