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Domus Vi
Jane Lethbridge
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Domus Vi,

47, rue Hallé

75014 Paris



Number of employees : 7,000 (France and Canada (Quebec))


1.1.1      Company activities and strategy


Founded in 1983, Domus VI became independent after the French health care company, Generale de Sante, sold its care homes, through a management buyout in 2003, supported by Barclays Management Capital.[i]   Ascaide Domus Viviendi is a company providing home care in France.  It specialised in care of older people and was the fourth largest operator with 4, 632 beds and operates 57 homes for older people and agencies for home care services. 


In 2007, Domus VI bought Sante Segna, a Canadian social care company, which was originally owned by Generale de Sante, which sold its Canadian subsidiary, Générale de Services Santé N.A., in 2003.  After the sale in 2003, the company was renamed Sante Segna.  There were three subsidiaries, now taken over by Domus VI:


In 2010, Domus VI merged with Dolcéa / GDP Vendôme, a French care company, so forming the largest French care company.