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Jane Lethbridge
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Owner: IK Investment Partners


Attendo AB

Attendo 2006

Vendevägen 85B,

182 91 Danderyd

Tel: 08-5862 5200


Total number of employees: 12,000 in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.





1.1.1      Company activities and strategy


Attendo is the leading care company for elderly and disabled people in the Nordic region. The company provides care for older people and disabled people on behalf of local authorities in Sweden, Denmark and Norway and Finland. It provides services in the following sectors: homecare, assisted living, nursing home, primary care, medical staffing.


Attendo is based in Danderyd, Sweden, where the company won Sweden’s first outsourced home care contract in 1988. Currently the company generates sales of approximately SEK 2.8 billion (EUR 315 million).


In February 2005,the British private equity funds management company Bridgepoint Europe II, belonging to British Bridgepoint Capital Group Limited, bought a majority holding in the Swedish care services provider Attendo AB.  [i] Announcing its acquisition of Attendo AB in 2005, Bridgepoint Capital said that it “intends to be an active owner, using its extensive industry knowledge and capital resources to offer the necessary support to management and the business”.[ii]


In 2005-6, Bridgepoint Capital merged two divisions of Attendo (systems and response systems) with Tunstall, a company specialising in telecare, which Bridgepoint Capital had also acquired.  Bridgepoint Capital then sold the remaining nursing care division of Attendo to Industri Kapital, a Swedish private equity group.  This sale was completed in January 2007.[iii]   


Since then, Industri Kapital has changed its name to IK Investment Partners.  It owns 68% of the shares in Attendo.  The remaining 32% of the shares is owned by Varma, Intermediate Capital Group and Attendo employees (   In 2007 Attendo AB bought MedOne, a Finnish company that provides medical staff and delivers primary care, specialist care, dental care and elder care in Finland.


IK Investment Partners does not own any other specific care or health care companies.  Other health care investments include private dental care and mobility aids.









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