Ambea Profile

Jane Lethbridge
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Owner: In April 2010, Triton and Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co (KKR) acquired Ambea, the company which owned both Carema, a Swedish healthcare company, and Mehiläinen, a Finnish health care company. 


Mäster Samuelsgatan 42
SE-111 57 Stockholm

Tel: +46 (0)8 617 39 00


EWC: NO – ELIGIBLE but negotiations are continuing (August 2010)


Total number of employees: 10, 300


1.1.1      Company outline and strategy


The healthcare company Carema, founded in 1996, changed its name to Ambea in 2007.  The company provides specialist care, primary care, elder care, psychiatry, care of people with disabilities and health staffing.  The company specialised in integrated care. It is active in Norway, Sweden and Finland.


There are three business areas in the Healthcare Business Unit:

  1. Primary care -  runs 20 healthcare centres in Sweden
  2. Specialist care runs specialist healthcare in local hospitals, elective surgery and rehabilitation under the name of Carema Specialist Healthcare. 
  3. Recruitment which runs the Rent a Doctor, rent a nurse, and care team brands.

All business units work for local councils.  Councils pay for 100% of primary care services. Councils account for 90% of the recruitment business unit’s revenue with the rest coming from private companies.  It has a very limited income from private health insurance and people who fund their own treatment.


The Nursing Business Unit provides support, services and care to people with physical and psychological problems (Care and Psychiatry) as well as care for older people.  It is the biggest provider in Sweden and provides care to 4,500 people in 40 centres.  The company operates under contract, under its own management and other customer systems.  The business unit is paid for its services by municipalities.  This represents 76% of its turnover.  The Nursing Business Unit is active in Norway, Sweden and Finland.


In April 2010, Ambea was sold to Triton and KKR.  KKR is a US private equity fund, which also owns part of the HCA company, which operates in the US, UK and Switzerland.   edit


Ambea increased the number of employees by 2,000 in 2009.   The workforce is broken down into the following groups:

  • Physicians, 4%
  • Nurses, 14%
  • Certified nursing assistants, 26%
  • Care personnel, 41%
  • Paramedics, 2%
  • Administrative personnel, 13%

Care personnel are the largest group.  Although Ambea is a healthcare company, its main activities are care services.