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Alliance Medical Group provides PET, MRI, CT, and mammography services. It provides extensive,

outsourced mobile services as well as fixed site services.

Alliance Medical was formed in 1989 by Robert Waley-Cohen, who had previously co-founded Alliance

Imaging Inc. in the USA in 1983. The company started to operate in the UK in 1990. In 1996, a

management buyout was backed by 3i plc and Foreign & Colonial. In 1998, Alliance Medical started sending

mobile scanners to Italy and formed a joint venture with ETF in 1999, Italy’s only supplier of mobile

diagnostic services.

Bridgepoint bought out 3i and Foreign and Colonial in 2000. A new division, Interim Solutions, was set up to

rent out equipment across Europe. In 2002, Alliance Medical acquired 100% of Alliance Diagnostic, an

Italian company, and formed a joint venture company in Spain, There is no more recent history of the

company provided on its website after 2003, however, it has continued to win contracts from the NHS. The

company runs two Intermediate Treatment Centres in the UK with the Partnership Health Group in SW

England and provides equipment for at least 19 hospitals with hospitals in the UK.

There has been some criticism of the quality of services delivered by Alliance Medical in the UK, including

mistakes in the interpretation of images and delays in the delivery of results. Doctors in Belgium, South

Africa and Spain interpret the data and do not collaborate with doctors in the NHS.38 There have also been

questions asked in Parliament about the contacts between Alliance Medical and the Department of Health in the period before one contract was awarded in 2004.


In January 2007, Alliance Medical, in partnership with Care UK, was awarded preferred bidder status to

provide diagnostic services across the North East of England. The service will be delivered under a joint

brand name of AMC Diagnostics Limited. The service will offer CT scans, MRI scans, DXA (bone

densitometry), electrocardiograms, ultrasound/echo and X-ray, upper and lower gastrointestinal endoscopy, electroencephalography, electromyography/nerve conduction studies, flexible cystoscopy.

Alliance Medical Group was sold by Bridgepoint Capital to Dubai International Capital in 2007. In 2008,

Alliance Medical Group bought Lodestone Patient Care from Australian-based I-MED, a diagnostic imaging

network owned by CVC Capital Partners. It has been merged with Alliance Medical’s UK operations.