Aleris Profile

Jane Lethbridge
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Box 42071

SE-126 13 Stockholm

Tel: 08 6816000


Total number of employees: 5,000






Aleris AB

Katrinebergsbacken 35 A

Box 471 34

100 74 Stockholm


Tel. + 48 8 690 55 00

Fax.08-690 59 91


Aleris AS

Frederik Stangs gt 11-13

0264 Oslo


Tel. + 47 22 54 10 00



Bernhard Bangs Alle 39

DK-2000 Frederiksberg


Tel. + 45 38 17 17 70

Fax. + 45 38 11 13 1



1.1.1      Company activities and strategy


Aleris operates specialist care centres, surgical units, local hospitals, senior care homes, nursing homes, home services, rehabilitation centres, foster homes, psychiatric residential homes, radiology centres, clinical tests laboratories, medical test centres and audiology centres. The company is active in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. [i]


In February 2005, ISS announced that it was setting up a joint venture with the EQT III fund to take over the activities of ISS Health Care, fully owned by ISS. The joint venture would also take over 100% of CarePartner AB, which was 49% owned by ISS and 51% owned by mana­ge­ment. ISS took over the 51% of CarePartner AB from management prior to the sale of the combined activities to the joint venture.[ii]


ISS then sold its health care operations to the newly formed joint-venture, now named Aleris Holding AB, owned by EQT III Limited, ISS and Aleris’s management. In June 2005, ISS sold its interest in Aleris to EQT III Limited. The sale of Health Care resulted in a non-taxable gain DKK 237 million. [iii]  The EQT investment group was founded in 1994, by Investor AB, Scandinavia’s largest industrial holding group.  It is part of the Wallenberg group. [iv]


In July 2010, Investor AB increased its share of Aleris to 97%, buying from the EQT Investment Group.  Aleris management own the remaining 3% shares.[v]

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