ACS Profile

David Hall
Date published: 

ACS is a major Spanish construction group, which operates internationally, especially in the Americas. It  also owns 10% of another Spanish construction group, Albertis, and 30% of the German construction group Hochtief. It is active in waste management and water sectors through Dragados, Urbaser and in cleaning and facilities management – including social care services – through Clece. ACS is also the major shareholder ,with 12%, of the large energy company Iberdrola;  between 2005 and 2008 it also held shares in Union Fenosa.  It employed 142,974 people in June 2010.


In 2009 the sales of its environment division were €2.6 billion. This includes waste management contracts in Spain, and in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, . Egypt, France, Mexico, Morocco, Panama, Portugal, UK and Venezuela.


In water, it has a few water distribution contracts, and a number of treatment plants in Spain. In Argentina, Dragados  owns 90% of a private company in the Misiones province of Argentina, AMSA, whose concession continues in force.  It also used to own 27% of Aguas del Gran BA, which gained a concession in 1999, which was terminated in 2005 for bad performance. The service was taken over by the municipal company ABSA, in partnership with the union-led workers cooperative ‘5 de setiembre’, which manages the operations: ABSA had already been created to take over the failed concession of Enron in the neighbouring region. [i]

[i] For further information on this see Guillermo Amorebieta “Argentina: Workers' Co-operative Takes over Post-Enron”