Phambili Nombane

Joint venture with Eskom - and originally with UK partner East Midlands Electricity, which sold its interests in 1999.

Phambili Nombane is a company responsible for the construction and operation of the electricity distribution network of Khayelitsha Township (Cape Town Province) which has 500,000 inhabitants. Its additional task is to initiate customers in the rational use of this energy. 43,000 prepayment meter connections have been made since the creation of Phambili Nombane, which is developing with outstanding results in terms of quality of services and financial balance.

Phambili Nombane is a joint venture set up in 1993 by the South African electrical utility, Eskom, with the British utility, East Midlands Electricity, and Electricité de France. This electrification project is implemented as part of the "Electricity for all" programme undertaken by the South -African government.

In 1999, Phambili Nombane obtained the ISO 9002 certification in the field of the private and professional customers management.


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