The Italenergia website notes that the "new Edison" is Italenergia's principal asset.

At May 2003, Italenergia BIS' other shareholders are: Banca Capitalia
(14,2 %), IMI Investimenti (12,5 %), Intesa (10,7 %), Tassara Group (20 %).

Fiat-led consortium, also including EDF, set up in July 2001 with the purpose of taking over Montedison and particularly Edison SpA and its electricity generation assets.

Italenergia was 40% owned by Fiat, 18% owned by Edf and 20% owned by the Italian finance company Carlo Tassara, allied to Edf. Another 20% was jointly owned by Italian banks Roma, Sanpaolo-Imi and IntesaBci.

As of 2 July 2001, Italenergia controlled over 48% of Montedison and was about to bid for 100% of the shares. Fiat said it would transfer all its energy assets to Italenergia, aiming to reach a total generation capacity of 14,000 MW following completion of the take-over.

Home country:



Company namesort icon Percentage Operates in
AMGA 3.00 Italy
Edison 61.95 Italy

Parent companies

Company namesort icon Percentage Operates in
EDF 18.03