CMS tries and fails to sell CPEE from 2002-2004. (CMS 10k-2003)
In October 1999, CMS Energy acquired "a 77.13% ownership interest in a group of electric distribution companies in southern Brazil, Grupo Companhia Paulista de Energia Eletrica (CPEE) for approx (U.S.)$85m.
CMS now holds a 95% ownership of Grupo CPEE's voting shares of stock and has already assumed operating management responsibility for CPEE".

"Grupo CPEE currently serves 135,000 customers in the States of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais, and is made up of four electric distribution companies, one electric services company, and 7% ownership of an electric generation company which owns and will operate an 850-MW hydroelectric dam currently under construction". "Its market area encompasses about 466,000 people".

(www.cmsenergy.com; see also CMSenergy/Brazil1099.htm)

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