Subsidiary to the Spanish Endesa distributing electricity to 1.6 million customers in the State of Ceara. In 1998, Endesa acquired 51% of the voting rights through a consortium where the group has a 37.6% interest
(Endesa AR97, p. 48).

The company was privatised in April 1998 when 82% of the shares were sold.

The consortium was made up of Groups Endesa and Enersis (Enersis and Chilectra), with 37.55% and 25.92%, respectively, and CERJ, with the balance of 36.43%

After buying up an additional 2.27% of COELCE stock last month (EUWI, 24 July, 4), Endesa now owns -- directly and through CERJ and its Chilean holdings -- 59% of the distributor's capital.

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Parent companies

Company namesort icon Percentage Operates in
CERJ 29.87
Endesa 33.06
Enersis 18.90