CLP Group - China Light & Power - is a Hong Kong based electricity company. CLP supplies electricity to 1.8 million business and residential accounts in Hong Kong, and also operates power business in mainland China and other Asian countries.

CLP Holdings Limited (CLP Holdings) is the holding company for the CLP group of companies. It is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and is one of the largest investor-owned electric power companies in Asia.

In 2000, CLP agreed with Powergen, a UK multinational energy company, to establish a joint venture that will buy stake of Powergen in Australian and other Asian assets. The joint venture company is 80 per cent owned by CLP and 20 per cent owned by Powergen.

Year end Currency Employee cost Number of employees Profit Profit per employee ROCE (percent) Revenue (in millions) Revenue in euros (millions) Revenue per employee
2010-12-31 HKD 387 6075 10332 1840 10.05% 58810 5661 9681
2009-12-31 HKD 290 6850 8196 1439 9.94% 50821 4549 7419

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