AES is a USA-based multinational electricity and gas company, which has expanded internationally since 1991. It has been active in all regions of the world, including south Asia, eastern Europe and central Asia, Africa, and latin America, as well as western Europe. 

AES' activities suffered a series of problems from 2001, with a collapse in the companys share price at the end of 2001. AES dealt with this by abandoning some loss-making operations - distribution in Orissa, Drax power station in the UK - selling many others - distribution in Dominican republic and Georgia, generation in UK, Bangladesh - financially restructuring others - eg interests in Brazil, Panama - and cancelling other major projects eg the Bujugali dam in Uganda.

Year end Currency Employee cost Number of employees Profit Profit per employee ROCE (percent) Revenue (in millions) Revenue in euros (millions) Revenue per employee
2010-12-31 USD 29000 9 36 7.92% 16647 12458 574
2009-12-31 USD 27000 658 87 11.72% 14119 9801 523

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