Acciona Energia

The main business of ACCIONA ENERGÍA is the production of electricity using clean
energy sources -wind power, biomass, mini-hydraulic and solar- with special focus on
the construction, operation and maintenance of wind power farms, an arena in which
it holds worldwide leadership positions.

Electric production at the facilities in which the company has ownership surpassed
5000 GWh in 2005. 74.3% is renewable energies and 25.7% is cogeneration. The
attributable production of ACCIONA ENERGÍA through its participation share at
electrical generation facilities totalled 4512 GWh, out of which 3264 GWh were from
renewable sources -28.2% greater than the previous year.

Renewable production in Spain was 3076 GWh attributable -12% of the clean
generation in this country, according to provisional data from the National Energy
Commission (CNE). Wind power production -2651 GW- represented 13.2% of the
total generation in Spain and shares in other renewable sources are 6% in minihydraulics,
10.5% in biomasses and 7.9% in photovoltaic solar.
In terms of capacity, ACCIONA ENERGÍA had installed 2,908 MW in renewable energies at the year end and had 139 MW in cogeneration plants.

ACCIONA has built wind power farms in other countries as well. In Germany, fi ve
100% owned farms have been implemented -Dre h n ow (10.50 MW), U e b I gau I
( 7.50), L a n ge n rieth (14), Möglenz (10) and Uebigau II (16)-, as well as placing an
additional machine (1.50 MW) in the Re h feld fa r m . Added to the 40.8 MW that have
been installed in previous ye a rs , the created stru c t u re has allowed ACCIONA to
surpass 100 MW here .
In Fra n c e , the farms in Plourin (3.40 MW) and Brem Sur Mer (4,25 MW), both 50%
ow n e rship we re added to the six prev I o u s ly existing ones. In the United States, the
Velva park was built (11.88 MW), wholly owned by the company, with which there
a re now two wind power facilities in this country. In Au s t ra l I a , the Cathedral Rocks
farm (66 MW) was put into operation, a wind farm that is 50% inve s t e e .
In 2005 for third parties, the company installed the Ce r ro de la Silla farm (15.3 MW)
in Castilla-La Mancha and Tetouan (10.20 MW), in Moro c c o.

In parallel, the plant in Nantong (China) was built, with a capacity to assemble up to
400 aerogenerators AW-1500 per year. The plant was finished in April 2006 and shall
supply the Chinese market and the Asian market in general. This installation is a
product of the joint venture agreement signed between ACCIONA and the state
Chinese group CASC, which also includes the establishment of another joint venture
aimed at technological developments in renewable energies.
The three plants have a joint production capacity of 1100 aerogenerators / year.


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