Jane Lethbridge

Jane Lethbridge is Director of PSIRU. She joined PSIRU in August 2001 and has lead responsibility for research into  healthcare, social care and emergency services, worldwide, and for work on the role of public services and public finance in general. She has published articles and written reports on a wide range of issues, including the strategies of multinational healthcare companies,  trade union responses to the liberalisation of public services, public-public partnerships,  and the policy and practice of social dialogue. She has led an EU-funded project, PESSIS, on social dialogue in social care; been a member of a UN Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) research programme 'Commercialisation of healthcare'; and is part of a Eurofound project on pay and conditions in national government. Before joining PSIRU she worked on public health issues in the UK and internationally for over 15 years.